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Auto Track Colors

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Clip Gain

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Enhance your Ableton Live experience with the LiveWorkflowTools Complete Bundle, featuring three essential tools designed to supercharge your creativity and workflow: Auto Track Colors, Clip Gain, and Session Cleaner.

Auto Track Colors automatically updates your session tracks with custom colors based on the keywords you assign, simplifying track management and enhancing session visibility. This tool is lightweight, ensuring minimal CPU usage, and offers features like manual re-coloring of all tracks, auto-updating of created tracks, and case-sensitive matching options.

Clip Gain provides an intuitive way to adjust clip volumes directly via keycommands or midi mapping, streamlining the mixing process and enabling precise volume control for each clip.

Session Cleaner is designed to declutter your Ableton Live sessions by removing inactive clips, empty tracks, muted tracks, and inactive devices, focusing on the Arrangement View. It's an invaluable tool for keeping your projects organized and focused, ensuring you spend more time creating and less time managing.

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